Borut Pfeifer is the founder of Plush Apocalypse Productions, which provides design and programming services for all varieties of game developers.


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"It feels like you're facing meatspace opponents even in the solo campaign," Eurogamer on Skulls of the Shogun

"Skulls of the Shogun is extremely well-balanced across the board, in terms of enemy progression, ability types and skill layering, so much... its design is precise and intuitive," Engadget

"a truly fantastic game" Rock, Paper, Shotgun on Prey                                                                                                            

"The enemy AI is deviously smart, and will not hesitate to take advantage of every trick you can think of and more," Digital Spy on Skulls of the Shogun

"PREY (2017) is an engrossing, somewhat complex sci-fi action game. Really fun to play, it drags you in and doesn't really let go," John Carpenter

7 Best of Show Awards and Nominations for Skulls of the Shogun in E3 2011 alone.                                                   

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Primarily active between 2007-2011, focused on design thoughts and game critique.