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This is really cool (late to the party, I know).  

I agree with most of the points – well, ok, I agree with all the points – but a couple seem a bit unnecessarily specific. Let me explain… No, it is too much, let me sum up.

1.  Realtime 3D is a medium for artistic expression.


2.  Be an author.

As in, have something to say, which if you’ve read any of the other posts of this blog, you know I agree with. But they talk about “not making games”. So it seems like they think “games” can’t say things. But they can,  and do – it’s probably a semantic point, really, but the terms are confused enough to have people read the details of it and get turned off, I think.

3.  Create a total experience.

Think holistically. Check.

4.  Embed the user in the environment.

Er, maybe… This one seems a little too specific. Like, do you really need an avatar in a game for it to be meaningful art? Probably not. And I think they mean McLuhan

5.  Reject dehumanisation: tell stories.

Check! Many game developers just don’t seem to understand the power of myth & storytelling. But also not strictly necessary…

6.  Interactivity wants to be free.

This is the same thing from #2, don’t makes games, make art. Whereas I would say, make artful games… Same thing? I think so… Maybe?

7.  Don’t make modern art.

Ie. if you’re trying to communicate something, surely the more people get your message the better?

8.  Reject conceptualism.

Similar in spirit to #7.

9.  Embrace technology.

Sure. This is almost a larger point, though, tying into #10 – use whatever you can at your disposal to your advantage. In words of Goichi Suda, Let’s Punk!

10. Develop a punk economy.

Basically, defining “indie” games (so people understand what that means and want to buy them because they’re interesting and different). Definitely – slowly happening, too.

2 Responses to The Realtime Art Manifesto

  • Patrick says:

    This really needs to be read against the context of Rod Humble’s article “Game Rules As Art” (

    Samyn and Harvey are into toyplay, which is great because not many designers are, BUT thats only one pole on the spectrum.

    If Young’s got you making something punk, then I’m very much looking foward to the project’s announcement.

  • borut says:

    Yeah, if you read that article first, those couple of points in the manifesto are much clearer – that’s the thing, I knew what they were trying to get at, I just thought it could be a worded bit better.

    And as for what I’m working on, you probably shouldn’t infer anything I write here as being related to it. And perhaps even saying just that is probably saying too much. :)