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Some random whiteboard fun for you, before I get back to more serious posting.

Two concepts on this whiteboard, Monster Christmas Tree (with Fire-Lightning Breath), and Sports Fruit:


And now presenting the MegaFig! (Which originally started as MegaFighter, but we decided that wasn’t commercial enough. Also it didn’t fit on the rest of the whiteboard.)


He’s kinda like Jet Li in The One, he goes between universes killing figs to become the MegaFig.

Here’s a bit of a failed concept, which we did another iteration on (further down):


We liked the awesomeness of it, but felt the character needed some weaknesses, to, you know, to make it more compelling. Hence the Awesome Geriatric (I wanted to go with a rocket powered walker, but the rocket powered wheelchair won out):


Thanks to Michael, Ben, & Ray, as well as Jeff, Leon, & Felix for a few moments of amusement during these otherwise trying economic times.

5 Responses to A few game ideas EA will never make…

  • Dave Mark says:

    So let me get this straight. You are supposed to keep fire away from the Christmas tree… but we have a Christmas tree that breathes fire? I suppose they say that you greatest strength is usually your greatest weakness.

    BTW, “Awesome Maize” (or “Awesome Amaize”?) would sell well here in Nebraska, I’m sure. What Cornhusker could pass up superhero corn?

  • Reid Kimball says:

    Haha, loved the rocket powered wheelchair because I’ve always wanted to see a game where people with disabilities had super powers or crazy weapons. Someone in a wheelchair could have mounted rocket launchers. Odd, I know, but silly ideas are fun to toy with sometimes.

  • Xavier says:

    Hum I saw thise whiteboard somewhere did I ? Glad to know you guys keep having some fun over there :)

  • Borut says:

    Yeah, Xavier, we had to do *something* to lighten the mood. :)

    Ah, and Reed, if the the wheelchair had rocket launchers, it could tally have this cool kickback that would roll you back a few feet every time you shot, to throw in some interesting strategy to firing. :)