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I was up at UCSC last week, giving a talk as part of the Games & Playable Media program’s regular speaker series. Having been preceded by Richard Lemarchand and Clint Hocking, I knew I had to bring it – plus the program itself is really exciting, lots of cool stuff coming out of there.

So I tried to cover something I thought would be helpful to the students very specifically, given the program’s focus on AI and deeper interactive systems. Over the years I’ve focused a lot on accessibility in various forms in what I was working on, and none are more tricky than trying to design accessible, unique AI gameplay. There’s lots of lessons from other areas to apply there, especially the part where I talk about dramatic systems design (mainly on Skulls of the Shogun), which I hope to talk about more in the future.

Turn on the notes view while looking at the slides to see  pretty much most of the talk content.

You can also check out the video.

3 Responses to Accessibility in AI Design

  • Sean Barrett says:

    Notes in pptx files cannot be viewed in MS Powerpoint Viewer or in OpenOffice.

    • Borut says:

      Gah, thanks Sean – looks like the viewer doesn’t show notes even for the old format. I converted it to pdf so hopefully it should work now anywhere.