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No, I’m not talking about EA’s purchase of Bioware+Pandemic (although while I was at Radical the CEO always talked of Radical’s relationship with Viviendi in terms of dating and marriage metaphors, so maybe there’s something to that, who knows). I’m talking about the fact that I’ve 3 weddings to go to from now until March – just got back from the first one this weekend.

As Patrick quite validly pointed out in my last post, there’s still a lot of emotional places to go that games haven’t quite yet. Weddings, and the feelings involved, would certainly be one of them.

Phantasy Star 3 had that whole generational thing going on, which was kind of cool but ended up being a little soap-opera-y, if I recall correctly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (Then again, I remember listening to a lot of radio while I was playing it, and Amy Grant was very popular at the time – could’ve colored my perceptions, I dunno).

There’s The Marriage and Façade, which both deal with marriage (on a very wild spectrum between the abstract and concrete), but I’m talking weddings. Now, granted, I’ve never played a single Final Fantasy game for a wide ranging complex number of reasons, so I’m suspecting they might have some, but generally speaking the field is pretty bare.

There’s the classic romantic comedy version of the wedding, wherein the bride or groom is getting married to the wrong person – hijinks ensue. Or the tragic version thereof – death ensues. Shakespeare made a bundle off of both of those.

Can anybody recall any other game-story weddings? Maybe it’s time I finally broke down and played some hentai games (I blame Leigh Alexander and her coverage of such).