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Every so often I come across game industry related newsy bits or links that, if I think about too much, would make me want to spew bile like some sort of end level boss in its death throes. Or, on the oppsoite end of the spectrum, make me laugh until I pee a little.

I don’t really like to comment on them here because they’re often not really on-topic. But sometimes, there’s just so many of these that happen in short enough time span, I’m like a frakking tea kettle blowing over. To wit:

51% of gamers in this country are completely retarded. Well, I guess that’s about right by the national average.

They are reviewers, people, there’s a reason we don’t call them critics.

Encouraging developers to think independently is all well and good. So’s this, I suppose. Did I miss the connection along the way?

I hate the word monetize even more than I hate the word exploit.

5 syllables of ass in a 4 syllable bag.

I bought a Blue-Ray player last week. Worked on a goddamn launch title and they can’t even keep a PSN account around for a year. At least they fixed the virtual keyboard.

I agree with Square-Enix’s viewpoint on something? Get out!

Michael Bay, master of cinema, becomes master of the obvious. May I be the first to congratulate you, Mr. Bay.

Yet another nail in the coffin of brick and mortar distribution.


There are people out there who want to do some really sick things to plush dolls, if one is to believe some of the search terms that lead people here. I’m not sure why I find this funny, but I do.